Jiko Biogas

Biogas is created through the use of organic matter from the biodegradation process of agricultural, animal, municipal and industrial products. It is considered “green energy” since it uses biodegradable waste to create low-cost and climate-friendly biofuel.

At Jiko Biogas, we are experts in helping companies build their own biogas plants that are considered a cleaner way of obtaining and producing energy.

Services We Offer

Renewable Energy in Jowhar, Somalia

We are experts in building biogas plants and operations. Through our team's extensive experience, we help companies manage their own production of biogas in Jowhar, Somalia.

Plant Construction

We help our clients come up with design concepts and more.

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We offer hands-on-training for running biogas plant operations.

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Design & Consultancy

Our professional consultants will help you undertake turn-key biogas solutions for your company.

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Fertilizer Production

We have extensive experience in the management of biogas plants and its processes.

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Our Impact

Climate Change Mitigation Tons of Greenhouse Gas reduced (tCO2e/year) 220000

Tons of Solid Waste Managed 12000

Jiko Biogas Digesters Installed +4

Charcoal and Firewood Cost Saved ($) 85000

Number of Trees Saved 1200 trees/year

Fertilizer Production 320 tons/year