Our Core Belief

Our core belief is that renewable energy can help mitigate climate change in Somalia through the construction and provision of a variety of biogas projects that foster food security, livelihood, and agriculture. That’s what Jiko Biogas aims to achieve in the communities we serve.

Our Mission

We believe that no women and their children have to use charcoal or walk for 3 hrs daily in rural Somalia facing sexual violence, just to collect firewood, when they can convert their kitchen waste or animal waste to clean Biogas energy as alternative clean cookingand able to pursue other activities.

Women Firewood Road

Our Vision

Our vision is to end charcoal and firewood use through a holistic sustainable solution and pioneer climate action and adaptation against climate change in Somalia.

woman cooking
a man standing beside the gas tanks

Our Journey

Jiko Biogas is the brainchild of our founder, Guled Wiliq, who is also the founder of Power Offgrid. It was established in Jowhar, Somalia, to bring alternative clean cooking energy to Somalia, where charcoal is the primary cooking energy.

Since charcoal has become expensive and threatening to the remaining forest of this semi-arid land, our vision is to end charcoal use, reduce indoor pollution deaths in Somalia, and make clean cooking affordable and accessible. We also strive to tackle greenhouse gas emission via agriculture as Somalia is the World’s 2nd highest country where agriculture is the highest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission of 23.4 megatons CO2e as per the World Resources Institute.

Our Team

Jiko Biogas team is built on a foundation of enthusiastic people who share a common goal of renewable energy, better health, and wealth for their community. Learn more about Jiko Biogas and its services provided for the production of biogas in Jowhar, Somalia, and more!

group of people collecting the organic fertilizer

Jiko Biogas Women Cooperatives

Jiko Biogas established Women Cooperative in Hirshabelle with 50 strong members. We are the only biogas women cooperative in Africa. We create an enterprise opportunity in renewable energy to close gender inequality, address gender violence, and eliminate the use of charcoal & deforestation in Somalia.

Abdi Bare

Abdi Bare Co-Founder and Chief Operation Officer

Abi co-founded Jiko Biogas and directed the growth & operations of Jiko Biogas from inception to date. Abdi has Bachelor in Business and Management, he is a hands-on practitioner and manages Jowhar and Mogadishu plants including fertilizer production delivery and marketing.

Waithira Gichiri

Waithira Gichiri
Chief Research Officer

Waithira did her Master’s in Sustainability, Society and the Environment at Kiel University. She is the founder of Safari a Kenyan-based sustainability consulting firm focussing on sustainable and climate-resilient development. She is passionate about Biotechnology and Climate Action.

Dahir Shiilow

Dahir Shiilow
Biogas Technician

A charismatic leader who manages the operation of the biggest abattoir (Kawaan Bari) plant in Mogadishu and who is one of Jiko Biogas B2B partners. Dahir also a biogas technician who has received USAID Somalia youth training through Power OffGrid.

Samme Bogad

Samme Bogad
Climate Change Sustainable Development

Passionate about clean energy and sustainability. Vast experience working with climate change issues, renewable energy development and energy efficiency. Has a duty to serve vulnerable energy poor communities in East Africa.