The use of charcoal can cause air pollution. Likewise, the production of charcoal creates other environmental hazards, including deforestation and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Studies show that using firewoods and charcoals can emit an estimated 1-2.4 Gt CO2e (gigatonnes of equivalent carbon dioxide) of greenhouse gases annually, which is 2-7 percent of the global anthropogenic emissions. The usage of charcoal alone is considered inefficient and polluting because it emits methane, carbon monoxide, and other harmful particles to the air that can adversely affect both humans and the environment.

Since Somalia is known for using charcoal and firewood for cooking, Jiko Biogas uses innovative solutions for effective climate change mitigation in Somalia and to reduce and end the negative impact of charcoal and firewood use on nature, as well as save the Somalians from harmful health effects caused by inhaling polluted air due to charcoal and firewood use.

Jiko Biogas strives to manage solid waste, process feedstock for export, promote commercial fertilizer and biogas production, and improve carbon offset trading to battle climate change and preserve the health of our environment.

We work together with our partner, Kawaan Bari Abattoir in Mogadishu, in achieving this lifelong goal and mission.